3.11.0 release notes#

This release focuses on support for django 4 and dark mode.

What’s new in 3.11.0#


  • Add pre commit functionality (#7204) (d1ecb6359) – Mark Walker

  • Run workflows in concurrency groups (#7211) (04e843337) – Mark Walker

  • Added concurrency option to github workflows (#7205) (546b36827) – Mark Walker

  • Add support for django 4 (#7268) (9e8eb17) – Vinit Kumar

  • Make Plugin Confirm Template configurable (#7267) (bab1e6e) – Jacob Rief

  • Add support for dark mode for toolbar, page tree, structure tree, modals (#7245) (b2d9a08) – Fabian Braun

Bug Fixes:#

  • release script version number (#7322) (8ffc6488d) – Mark Walker

  • add support for custom user model in cms permission signals (#7281) (c10b8ffc3) – Vinit Kumar

  • publishing static placeholders outside of CMS (#7253) (bdb50b650) – Adrien Delhorme

  • Toolbar bug in 3.10 (#7232) (b12d07989) – Mark Walker

  • Disable workflow concurrency to bring stability back to the CI (#7209) (fdad05756) – Mark Walker

How to upgrade to 3.11.0#

We assume you are upgrading from django CMS 3.10.0.

Please make sure that your current database is consistent and in a healthy state, and make a copy of the database before proceeding further.

Check your settings of CMS_LANGUAGES (if used), as it was ignored by default in preceding versions. For more information, please see: https://github.com/django-cms/django-cms/pull/6795

Then run:

python manage.py migrate  # to ensure that your database is up-to-date with migrations
python manage.py cms fix-tree

Check custom code and third-party applications for use of deprecated or removed functionality or APIs (see above). Some third-party components may need to be updated.

Install the new version of django CMS from GitHub or via pip.


python manage.py migrate

to apply the new migrations.