3.6.0 release notes

This release of django CMS concentrates on introducing support for Django 2.0 and Django 2.1, and dropping support for Django versions lower than 1.11.

What’s new in 3.6.0

Improvements and new features

  • introduced support for Django 2.0

  • introduced support for Django 2.1

  • removed support for Django versions older than 1.11

  • added page_title parameter for cms.api.create_page() and cms.api.create_title()

  • length restriction for Title.meta_description was moved from model to form; field length was increased to 320 characters.

Removal of deprecated functionality

Previously deprecated functionality has been removed:

  • Signal handlers for Page, Title, Placeholder and CMSPlugin models was removed.

  • Removed the cms moderator command.

  • Removed the translatable content get/set methods from CMSPlugin model.

How to upgrade to 3.6

We assume you are upgrading from django CMS 3.5.

Please make sure that your current database is consistent and in a healthy state, and make a copy of the database before proceeding further.

Then run:

python manage.py migrate  # to ensure that your database is up-to-date with migrations
python manage.py cms fix-tree

Check custom code and third-party applications for use of deprecated or removed functionality or APIs (see above). Some third-party components may need to be updated.

Install the new version of django CMS from GitHub or via pip.


python manage.py migrate

to apply the new migrations.

Create a new django CMS 3.6 project

On the Divio Cloud

The Divio Cloud offers an easy way to set up django CMS projects. In the Divio Cloud Control Panel, create a new django CMS project and Deploy it.

Using the django CMS Installer


The django CMS Installer is not yet available for django CMS 3.6 or Django 2 or later.

This section will be updated or removed before the final release of django CMS 3.6.

Contributors to this release

  • Daniele Procida

  • Vadim Sikora

  • Paulo Alvarado

  • Bartosz Płóciennik

  • Katie McLaughlin

  • Krzysztof Socha

  • Mateusz Kamycki

  • Sergey Fedoseev

  • Aliaksei Urbanski

  • heppstux

  • Chematronix

  • Frank

  • Jacob Rief

  • Julz