2.2 release notes#

What’s new in 2.2#

django-mptt now a proper dependency#

django-mptt is now used as a proper dependency and is no longer shipped with the django CMS. This solves the version conflict issues many people were experiencing when trying to use the django CMS together with other Django apps that require django-mptt. django CMS 2.2 requires django-mptt 0.5.1.


Please remove the old mptt package from your Python site-packages directory before upgrading. The setup.py file will install the django-mptt package as an external dependency!

Django 1.3 support#

The django CMS 2.2 supports both Django 1.2.5 and Django 1.3.

View permissions#

You can now give view permissions for django CMS pages to groups and users.

Backwards incompatible changes#

django-sekizai instead of PluginMedia#

Due to the sorry state of the old plugin media framework, it has been dropped in favour of the more stable and more flexible django-sekizai, which is a new dependency for the django CMS 2.2.

The following methods and properties of cms.plugin_base.CMSPluginBase are affected:

  • cms.plugins_base.CMSPluginBase.PluginMedia

  • cms.plugins_base.CMSPluginBase.pluginmedia

  • cms.plugins_base.CMSPluginBase.get_plugin_media

Accessing those attributes or methods will raise a cms.exceptions.Deprecated error.

The cms.middleware.media.PlaceholderMediaMiddleware middleware was also removed in this process and is therefore no longer required. However you are now required to have the sekizai.context_processors.sekizai context processor in your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting.

All templates in CMS_TEMPLATES must at least contain the js and css sekizai namespaces.

Please refer to the documentation on Handling media in custom CMS plugins and the django-sekizai documentation for more information.

Toolbar must be enabled explicitly in templates#

The toolbar no longer hacks itself into responses in the middleware, but rather has to be enabled explicitly using the {% cms_toolbar %} template tag from the cms_tags template tag library in your templates. The template tag should be placed somewhere within the body of the HTML (within <body>...</body>).

This solves issues people were having with the toolbar showing up in places it shouldn’t have.

Static files moved to /static/#

The static files (CSS/JavaScript/images) were moved from /media/ to /static/ to work with the new django.contrib.staticfiles app in Django 1.3. This means you will have to make sure you serve static files as well as media files on your server.


If you use Django 1.2.x you will not have a django.contrib.staticfiles app. Instead you need the django-staticfiles backport.

Features deprecated in 2.2#

django-dbgettext support#

The django-dbgettext support has been fully dropped in 2.2 in favour of the built-in multi-lingual support mechanisms.