Icons reusable for plugins#

django CMS comes with a set of icons stored in its own icon font. The icons are based on FontAwesome4 and Bootstrap Icons.

They are available in the frontend editor (i.e. if the toolbar is available). To use them on the admin site where all the plugin editing etc. happens, you will have to load them explicitly.

from cms.utils.urlutils import static_with_version

class MyAdmin(admin.Admin):
    class Media:
        css = {"all": (static_with_version("cms/cms.icons.css"),)}


Icons are used by adding snippets like this to your templates

<span class="cms-icon cms-icon-<iconname>"></span>

The following icons are available:

  • advanced-settings

  • alias

  • apphook

  • archive

  • bin

  • comment

  • compare

  • copy

  • cut

  • edit

  • edit-new

  • highlight

  • home

  • info

  • lock

  • manage-versions

  • moderate

  • paste

  • plugins

  • publish

  • redo

  • rename

  • search

  • settings

  • sitemap

  • undo

  • unlock

  • unpublish

  • view


<span class="cms-icon cms-icon-edit-new me-2"></span>{% translate "Edit new..." %}