3.4.2 release notes#

django CMS 3.4.2 introduces two key new features: Revert to live for pages, and support for Django 1.10

Revert to live is in fact being reintroduced in a new form following a complete rewrite of our revision handling system, that was removed in django CMS 3.4 to make possible a greatly-improved new implementation from scratch.

Revert to live is the first step in fully re-implementing revision management on a new basis.

The full set of changes is listed below.

What’s new in 3.4.2#

Bug Fixes#

  • Escaped strings in close_frame JS template.

  • Fixed a bug with text-transform styles on inputs affecting CMS login

  • Fixed a typo in the confirmation message for copying plugins from a different language

  • Fixed a bug which prevented certain migrations from running in a multi-db setup.

  • Fixed a regression which prevented the Page model from rendering correctly when used in a raw_id_field.

  • Fixed a regression which caused the CMS to cache the toolbar when CMS_PAGE_CACHE was set to True and an anonymous user had cms_edit set to True on their session.

  • Fixed a regression which prevented users from overriding content in an inherited placeholder.

  • Fixed a bug affecting Firefox for Macintosh users, in which use of the Command key later followed by Return would trigger a plugin save.

  • Fixed a bug where template inheritance setting creates spurious migration (see #3479)

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the page from being marked as dirty (pending changes) when changing the value of the overwrite url field.

  • Fixed a bug where the page tree would not update correctly when a sibling page was moved from left to right or right to left.

Improvements and new features#

  • Added official support for Django 1.10.

  • Rewrote manual installation how-to documentation

  • Re-introduced the “Revert to live” menu option.

  • Added support for django-reversion >= 2 (see #5830)

  • Improved the fix-tree command so that it also fixes non-root nodes (pages).

  • Introduced placeholder operation signals.


  • Removed the deprecated add_url(), edit_url(), move_url(), delete_url(), copy_url() properties of CMSPlugin model.

  • Added a deprecation warning to method render_plugin() in class CMSPlugin.

  • Deprecated frontend_edit_template attribute of CMSPluginBase.

  • The post_ methods in `PlaceholderAdminMixin have been deprecated in favour of placeholder operation signals.

Other changes#

  • Adjusted Ajax calls triggered when performing a placeholder operation (add plugin, etc..) to include a GET query called cms_path. This query points to the path where the operation originates from.

  • Changed CMSPlugin.get_parent_classes() from method to classmethod.