Who is behind django CMS#

django CMS was released under a BSD licence in 2009. It was created at Divio AG of Zürich, Switzerland, by Patrick Lauber, who led its development for several years.

the django CMS Association#

In July 2020 Divio handed over the banner to the newly founded django CMS Association (dCA). Its goal is to drive the success of django CMS, by increasing customer happiness, market share and open-source-contributions. Divio remains thoroughly committed to django CMS as the host of the django CMS project website and as one of the founding members of the dCA, next to What. and Eliga Services.

The dCA’s role in steering the project’s development is formalised in the django CMS technical committee, whose members are drawn from the django CMS community and the dCA.

The dCA maintains overall control of the django CMS repository. As the chief backer of django CMS, and in order to ensure a consistent and long-term approach to the project, the dCA reserves the right of final say in any decisions concerning its development.

As a non-profit organization the django CMS Association is dependent on donations to fulfill its mission, which is based on the following three statements:

  • Innovate and lead

  • Foster contribution

  • Drive adoption

The best way to donate is to become a member of the association and pay membership fees. The funding is funneled back into core development and community projects.

The dCA Tech Committee#


It prepares and updates the technical roadmap for approval by the Executive Board and/or the General Assembly, manages incoming feature requests and proposals and takes decisions on awarding credits for work submitted by members.