3.0.6 release notes#

What’s new in 3.0.6#

Django 1.7 support#

As of version 3.0.6 django CMS supports Django 1.7.

Currently our migrations for Django 1.7 are in cms/migrations_django to allow better backward compatibility; in future releases the Django migrations will be moved to the standard migrations directory, with the South migrations in south_migrations.

To support the current arrangement you need to add the following to your settings:

    'cms': 'cms.migrations_django',
    'menus': 'menus.migrations_django',


Applications migrations

Any application that defines a django CMS plugin or a model that uses a PlaceholderField or depends in any way on django CMS models must also provide Django 1.7 migrations.

Extended Custom User Support#

If you are using custom user models and use CMS_PERMISSION = True then be sure to check that PageUserAdmin and PageUserGroup is still in working order.

The PageUserAdmin class now extends dynamically from the admin class that handles the user model. This allows us to use the same search_fields and filters in PageUserAdmin as in the custom user model admin.


A new method on plugins, that returns the template during the render phase, allowing you to change the template based on any plugin attribute or context status. See /how_to/custom_plugins for more.

Simplified toolbar API for page extensions#

A simpler, more compact way to extend the toolbar for page extensions: Simplified Toolbar API.