3.0.13 release notes#

What’s new in 3.0.13#

Bug Fixes#

  • Numerous documentation including installation and tutorial updates

  • Numerous improvements to translations

  • Improves reliability of apphooks

  • Improves reliability of Advanced Settings on page when using apphooks

  • Allow page deletion after template removal

  • Improves upstream caching accuracy

  • Improves CMSAttachMenu registration

  • Improves handling of mis-typed URLs

  • Improves redirection as a result of changes to page slugs, etc.

  • Improves performance of “watched models”

  • Improves frontend performance relating to re-sizing the sideframe

  • Corrects an issue where items might not be visible in structure mode menus

  • Limits version of django-mptt used in CMS for 3.0.x

  • Prevent accidental upgrades to Django 1.8, which is not yet supported

Many thanks community members who have submitted issue reports and especially to these GitHub users who have also submitted pull requests: elpaso, jedie, jrief, jsma, treavis.