3.2.1 release notes#

What’s new in 3.2.1#


  • Add support for Django 1.9 (with some deprecation warnings).

  • Add support for django-reversion 1.10+ (required by Django 1.9+).

  • Add placeholder name to the edit tooltip.

  • Add attr['is_page']=True to CMS Page navigation nodes.

  • Add Django and Python versions to debug bar info tooltip

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix an issue with refreshing the UI when switching CMS language.

  • Fix an issue with sideframe urls not being remembered after reload.

  • Fix breadcrumb in page revision list.

  • Fix clash with Foundation that caused “Add plugin” button to be unusable.

  • Fix a tree corruption when pasting a nested plugin under another plugin.

  • Fix message with CMS version not showing up on hover in debug mode.

  • Fix messages not being positioned correctly in debug mode.

  • Fix an issue where plugin parent restrictions where not respected when pasting a plugin.

  • Fix an issue where “Copy all” menu item could have been clicked on empty placeholder.

  • Fix a bug where page tree styles didn’t load from STATIC_URL that pointed to a different host.

  • Fix an issue where the side-frame wouldn’t refresh under some circumstances.

  • Honour CMS_RAW_ID_USERS in GlobalPagePermissionAdmin.

Treebeard corruption#

Prior to 3.2.1 moving or pasting nested plugins would lead to some non-fatal tree corruptions, raising an error when adding plugins under the newly pasted plugins.

To fix these problems, upgrade to 3.2.1 and then run manage.py cms fix-tree command to repair the tree.

DjangoCMS Text CKEditor#

Action required#

CMS 3.2.1 is not compatible with djangocms-text-ckeditor < 2.8.1. If you’re using djangocms-text-ckeditor, please upgrade to 2.8.1 or up.