3.4.5 release notes#

This version of django CMS is the first to introduce compatibility with Django 1.11, itself also a Long-Term Support release.

What’s new in 3.4.5#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bug where slug wouldn’t be generated in the creation wizard

  • Fixed a bug where the add page endpoint rendered Change page as the html title.

  • Fixed an issue where non-staff users could request the wizard create endpoint.

  • Fixed an issue where the Edit page toolbar button wouldn’t show on non-cms pages with placeholders.

  • Fixed a bug where placeholder inheritance wouldn’t work if the inherited placeholder is cached in an ancestor page.

  • Fixed a regression where the code following a {% placeholder x or %} declaration, was rendered before attempting to inherit content from parent pages.

  • Changed page/placeholder cache keys to use sha1 hash instead of md5 to be FIPS compliant.

  • Fixed a bug where the change of a slug would not propagate to all descendant pages

  • Fixed a ValueError raised when using ManifestStaticFilesStorage or similar for static files. This only affects Django >= 1.10

Improvements and new features#

  • Introduced Django 1.11 compatibility