Form and model fields#

Model fields#

class cms.models.fields.PageField#

This is a foreign key field to the cms.models.Page model that defaults to the cms.forms.fields.PageSelectFormField form field when rendered in forms. It has the same API as the django.db.models.ForeignKey but does not require the othermodel argument.

class cms.models.fields.PlaceholderField#

A foreign key field to the cms.models.placeholdermodel.Placeholder model.

Form fields#

class cms.forms.fields.PageSelectFormField#

Behaves like a django.forms.ModelChoiceField field for the cms.models.Page model, but displays itself as a split field with a select drop-down for the site and one for the page. It also indents the page names based on what level they’re on, so that the page select drop-down is easier to use. This takes the same arguments as django.forms.ModelChoiceField.

class cms.forms.fields.PageSmartLinkField#

A field making use of cms.forms.widgets.PageSmartLinkWidget. This field will offer you a list of matching internal pages as you type. You can either pick one or enter an arbitrary URL to create a non existing entry. Takes a placeholder_text argument to define the text displayed inside the input before you type.

The widget uses an ajax request to try to find pages match. It will try to find case insensitive matches amongst public and published pages on the title, path, page_title, menu_title fields.