3.0.8 release notes#

What’s new in 3.0.8#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix django-mptt version dependency to be PEP440 compatible

  • Fix some Django 1.4 compatibility issues

  • Add toolbar sanity check

  • Fix behaviour with CMSPluginBase.get_render_template()

  • Fix issue on django >= 1.6 with page form fields.

  • Resolve jQuery namespace issues in admin page tree and change form

  • Fix issues for PageField in Firefox/Safari

  • Fix some Python 3.4 compatibility issue when using proxy modules

  • Fix corner case in plugin copy

  • Documentation fixes

  • Minor code clean-ups


Fix for plugin copy patches a reference leak in cms.models.pluginmodel.CMSPlugin.copy_plugins, which caused the original plugin object to be modified in memory. The fixed code leaves the original unaltered and returns a modified copy.

Custom plugins that called cms.utils.plugins.copy_plugins_to or cms.models.pluginmodel.CMSPlugin.copy_plugins may have relied on the incorrect behaviour. Check your code for calls to these methods. Correctly implemented calls should expect the original plugin instance to remain unaltered.