3.0.3 release notes#

What’s new in 3.0.3#

New Alias Plugin#

A new Alias plugin has been added. You will find in your plugins and placeholders context menu in structure mode a new entry called “Create alias”. This will create a new Alias plugin in the clipboard with a reference to the original. It will render this original plugin/placeholder instead. This is useful for content that is present in more then one place.

New Context Menu API#

Plugins can now change the context menus of placeholders and plugins. For more details have a look at the docs:

Extending context menus of placeholders or plugins

Apphook Permissions#

Apphooks have now by default the same permissions as the page they are attached to. This means if a page has for example a login required enabled all views in the apphook will have the same behaviour.

Docs on how to disable or customise this behaviour have a look here:

Managing permissions on apphooks