Some commonly-used plugins#


In version 3 of the CMS we removed all the plugins from the main repository into separate repositories to continue their development there. you are upgrading from a previous version. Please refer to Upgrading from previous versions

Please note that dozens if not hundreds of different django CMS plugins have been made available under open-source licences. Some, like the ones on this page, are likely to be of general interest, while others are highly specialised.

This page only lists those that fall under the responsibility of the django CMS project. Please see the Django Packages site for some more, or just do a web search for the functionality you seek - you’ll be surprised at the range of plugins that has been created.

django CMS Core Addons#

We maintain a set of Core Addons for django CMS.

You don’t need to use them, and for many of them alternatives exist, but they represent a good way to get started with a reliable project set-up. We recommend them for new users of django CMS in particular. For example, if you start a project on Divio Cloud or using the django CMS installer, this is the set of addons you’ll have installed by default.

The django CMS Core Addons are:

We welcome feedback, documentation, patches and any other help to maintain and improve these valuable components.

Other addons of note#

These packages are no longer officially guaranteed support by the django CMS project, but they have good community support.

Deprecated addons#

Some older plugins that you may have encountered are now deprecated and we advise against incorporating them into new projects.

These are: