The pages in this section of the documentation are aimed at the newcomer to django CMS. They’re designed to help you get started quickly, and show how easy it is to work with django CMS as a developer who wants to customise it and get it working according to their own requirements.

These tutorials take you step-by-step through some key aspects of this work. They’re not intended to explain the topics in depth, or provide reference material, but they will leave you with a good idea of what is possible to achieve in just a few steps, and how to go about it.

Once you’re familiar with the basics presented in these tutorials, you’ll find the more in-depth coverage of the same topics in the How-to section.

The tutorials follow a logical progression, starting from installation of django CMS and the creation of a brand new project, and build on each other, so it’s recommended to work through them in the order presented here.

If you want to install django CMS into an existing project, or prefer to configure django CMS by hand, rather than using the django CMS quistart project, see Installing django CMS and then follow the rest of the tutorials.

Either way, you’ll be able to find support and help from the numerous friendly members of the django CMS community on our Discord server.