3.5.3 release notes

What’s new in 3.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed TreeNode.DoesNotExist exception raised when exporting and loading database contents via dumpdata and loaddata.
  • Fixed a bug where request.current_page would always be the public page, regardless of the toolbar status (draft / live). This only affected custom urls from an apphook.
  • Removed extra quotation mark from the sideframe button template
  • Fixed a bug where structureboard tried to preload markup when using legacy renderer
  • Fixed a bug where updates on other tab are not correctly propagated if the operation was to move a plugin in the top level of same placeholder
  • Fixed a bug where xframe options were processed by clickjacking middleware when page was served from cache, rather then get this value from cache
  • Fixed a bug where cached page permissions overrides global permissions
  • Fixed a bug where plugins that are not rendered in content wouldn’t be editable in structure board
  • Fixed a bug with expanding static placeholder by clicking on “Expand All” button
  • Fixed a bug where descendant pages with a custom url would lose the overwritten url on save.
  • Fixed a bug where setting the on_delete option on PlaceholderField and PageField fields would be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a modal from changelist inside a modal