3.0.11 release notes

What’s new in 3.0.11

  • Core support for multiple instances of the same apphooked application
  • The template tag render_model_add can now accept a model class as well as a model instance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with reverting to Live mode when moving plugins
  • Fixes a missing migration issue
  • Fixes an issue when using the PageField widget
  • Fixes an issue where duplicate page slugs is not prevented in some cases
  • Fixes an issue where copying a page didn’t copy its extensions
  • Fixes an issue where translations where broken when operating on a page
  • Fixes an edge-case SQLite issue under Django 1.7
  • Fixes an issue where a confirmation dialog shows only some of the plugins to be deleted when using the “Empty All” context-menu item
  • Fixes an issue where deprecated mimetype was used instead of contenttype
  • Fixes an issue where cms check erroneous displays warnings when a plugin uses class inheritance
  • Documentation updates


  • Updated test CI coverage