3.1.5 release notes

What’s new in 3.1.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a tree corruption when pasting a nested plugin under another plugin.
  • Improve CMSPluginBase.render documentation
  • Fix CMSEditableObject context generation which generates to errors with django-classy-tags 0.7.1
  • Fix error in toolbar when LocaleMiddleware is not used
  • Move templates validation in app.ready
  • Fix ExtensionToolbar when language is removed but titles still exists
  • Fix pages menu missing on fresh install 3.1
  • Fix incorrect language on placeholder text for redirect field
  • Fix PageSelectWidget JS syntax
  • Fix redirect when disabling toolbar
  • Fix CMS_TOOLBAR_HIDE causes ‘WSGIRequest’ object has no attribute ‘toolbar’

Treebeard corruption

Prior to 3.1.5 moving or pasting nested plugins would lead to some non-fatal tree corruptions, raising an error when adding plugins under the newly pasted plugins.

To fix these problems, upgrade to 3.1.5 and then run manage.py cms fix-tree command to repair the tree.

DjangoCMS Text CKEditor

Action required

CMS 3.1.5 is not compatible with djangocms-text-ckeditor < 2.7.1. If you’re using djangocms-text-ckeditor, please upgrade to 2.7.1 or up. Keep in mind that djangocms-text-ckeditor >= 2.8 is compatible only with