3.4.6 release notes

What’s new in 3.4.6

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the way drag and drop works in the page tree. The page has to be selected first before moving.
  • Fixed a bug where the cms alias plugin leaks context into the rendered aliased plugins.
  • Fixed a bug where users without the “Change advanced settings” permission could still change a page’s template.
  • Added on_delete to ForeignKey and OneToOneField to silence Django deprecation warnings.
  • Fixed a bug where the sitemap would ignore the public setting of the site languages and thus display hidden languages.
  • Fixed an AttributeError raised when adding or removing apphooks in Django 1.11.
  • Fixed an InconsistentMigrationHistory error raised when the contenttypes app has a pending migration after the user has applied the 0010_migrate_use_structure migration.