Extending the Toolbar

django CMS allows you to control what appears in the toolbar. This allows you to integrate your application in the frontend editing mode of django CMS and provide your users with a streamlined editing experience.

Create the toolbar

We’ll create a toolbar using a cms.toolbar_base.CMSToolbar sub-class.

Create a new cms_toolbars.py file in your Polls/CMS Integration application. Here’s a basic example:

from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from cms.toolbar_pool import toolbar_pool
from cms.toolbar_base import CMSToolbar
from cms.utils.urlutils import admin_reverse
from polls.models import Poll

class PollToolbar(CMSToolbar):
    supported_apps = (

    watch_models = [Poll]

    def populate(self):
        if not self.is_current_app:

        menu = self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu('poll-app', _('Polls'))

            name=_('Poll list'),

            name=_('Add new poll'),

toolbar_pool.register(PollToolbar)  # register the toolbar


Don’t forget to restart the runserver to have your new toolbar item recognised.

What this all means

  • supported_apps is a list of application names in which the toolbar should be active. Usually you don’t need to set supported_apps - the appropriate application will be detected automatically. In this case (since the views for the Polls application are in polls, while our cms_toolbars.py is in the polls_cms_integration application) we need to specify both explicitly.
  • watch_models allows the frontend editor to redirect the user to the model instance get_absolute_url whenever an instance of this model is created or saved through the frontend editor (see Detecting URL changes for details).
  • The populate() method, which populates the toolbar menu with nodes, will only be called if the current user is a staff user. In this case it:
    • checks whether we’re in a page belonging to this application, using self.is_current_app
    • … if so, it creates a menu, if one’s not already there (self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu())
    • adds a menu item to list all polls in the overlay (add_sideframe_item())
    • adds a menu item to add a new poll as a modal window (add_modal_item())

See it at work

Visit your Polls page on your site, and you’ll see a new Polls item in the toolbar.

It gives you quick access to the list of Polls in the Admin, and gives you a shortcut for creating a new Poll.

There’s a lot more to django CMS toolbar classes than this - see How to extend the Toolbar for more.