Working with admin in the frontend

The Administration… item in the Site menu, opens the side-frame containing the site’s Django admin. This allows the usual interaction with the “traditional” Django admin.


When an object is created or edited while the user is on the website frontend, a redirection occurs to redirect the user to the current address of the created/edited instance.

This redirection follows the rules below:

  • an anonymous user (for example, after logging out) is always redirected to the home page

  • when a model instance has changed (see Detecting URL changes to an object) the frontend is redirected to the instance URL, and:

    • in case of django CMS pages, the publishing state is taken into account, and then

      • if the toolbar is in Draft mode the user is redirected to the draft page URL

      • if in Live mode:

        • the user is redirected to the page if is published

        • otherwise it’s switched in Draft mode and redirected to the draft page URL

  • if the edited object or its URL can’t be retrieved, no redirection occurs

Yes, it’s complex - but there is a logic to it, and it’s actually easier to understand when you’re using it than by reading about it, so don’t worry too much. The point is that django CMS always tries to redirect you to the most sensible place when it has to.