3.0.6 release notes

What’s new in 3.0.6

Django 1.7 support

Since 3.0.6 django CMS has Django 1.7 support.

Currently Django 1.7 migrations are shipped in non-default migrations_django package to allow better backward compatibility; in future releases the Django migrations will be moved to standard migrations package with the South ones in south_migrations. At this stage you are required to add:

    'cms': 'cms.migrations_django',
    'menus': 'menus.migrations_django',


MySQL support

As of now MySQL is not officially supported on Django 1.7: it’s known to work, but still some corner cases in tests have to be addressed.


Applications migrations

By Django 1.7 migrations design every application that defines a django CMS plugin or a model that uses a PlaceholderField or depends in any way on django CMS models must define Django 1.7 migrations.

Extended Custom User Support

If you are using custom user models and use CMS_PERMISSIONS = True then be sure to check that PageUserAdmin and PageUserGroup is still in working order.

The PageUserAdmin class now extends dynamically from the admin class that handles the user model. This allows that we use the same search_fields and filters in PageUserAdmin as in the custom user model admin.